Saturday, 23 March 2019

How to Clean the Grout and Tiles Effectively?

Everyone wants to have a clean house so as to give fresh look and positive feeling. Therefore, a clean house is only possible when you have clean floors. The tiles and grouts in our house become dirty if they are not cleaned properly. There are various ways of cleaning the grouts and tiles, but cleaning them effectively to get clean floors is very important. It is important to follow all the steps of cleaning properly. For this one can hire professional tile and grout cleaning services. One can contact for hiring the professional who can provide you Tile and Grout Cleaning.

Steps to Clean the Tile and Grout

Use of Gloves to Protect yourself-

Before opting for any grout cleaning methods; one should wear the gloves. A lot of allergens and other bacteria are present on the floor which when comes in contact with you can cause severe health problems. The professional tile and grout cleaning implies the use of waterproof gloves so as to remove the dirt and other particles from the floor effectively.

Use of hot water-

During the Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning, the hot water is used as it is effective to remove the other hard materials to remove from the floor which cannot be removed by the cold water. The hot water pulls out the dirt and kills the allergens bacteria from the floor.

Selection of Best Grout Cleaner-

The professional grout and tile cleaners suggest to use the cleaner; which had a balanced pH. So that when these cleaners are used on the floor they can remove any type of stains varying from acidic stains to alkaline stains. So a balanced grout cleaner is very important. Secondly is of nature cleaners is very important so as to avoid the harmful effects of chemical cleaners.

Give Time to Sit the Chemical on the Floor-

When one using the chemicals or sprays for grout and tile cleaning. Then the most important thing that needs to understand and take care of; is that the chemical you use should be absorbed on the floor so that it can react properly with the dirt and other particles.

Scrub the Floor-

The professional grout and tile cleaning consider this as an important step. In this scrubbing the floor with the use of hard objects is necessary. As the use of hard objects on the floor makes it possible to remove the hard stains and other hard objects to remove from the floor. For scrubbing the professional recommend using hard brushes having hard bristles that able to clean the tiles effectively The cleaning of the floor is a very hectic task. Therefore, it is important to follow all of the steps effectively. For the ones who want to opt for professional tile and grout cleaning can contact Marks Tile and Grout Cleaning which provide you with the effective professional tile and grout cleaning services.

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

How Do I Make My Tile Shine?


Tile add 75% beauty to your home, people keep tiles as their first preference while they carry on with their flooring job. Tiles are very easy to maintain, with fewer efforts and low cast you can easily make your tiles to shine for long months.
Tiles should be maintained in a proper way to increase its shine and life. While discussing the cleaning products, tiles can be easily cleaned just by using simple tile cleaning ingredients. Though tiles are very easy to maintain they get dirty easily when they are installed in a high traffic area. Especially the tile in the bathroom, they get dirt due to soapy water etc. Tile cleaning is very easy when you employ the right method and right product on it.
Tile cleaning plays important role in the cleanliness and good look of the bathroom. After a particular period tile tends to lose their shine and appearance due to everyday wear and tear. Heavy exposure to the chemical cleaning products, soap scum, hard water, and dirt it will slowly start losing their glossy nature. Tile is one of the most durable choices for a kitchen countertop, bathroom and even for the living rooms. Here are the tips to make your tiles shine. Just by following simple tips and tricks you can easily make your tiles shining ever and ever.

Basic tile flooring care and deep cleaning method work amazingly to keep your tiles shine always on the top. Apart from all, you must know how to clean the stubborn stain on the grout. Because cleaning grout lines are also equally important as tile cleaning. Implement different cleaning techniques including natural cleaning method and products and heavy-duty treatment to make your tiles to restore its shine.

Routine Care

Routine care and maintenance are very important to retain the tile characteristic sheen. Regularly mop and clean your tile floors by mixing 2 tablespoons of detergent liquid into a bucket full of hot water. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe and dry the tile surface this will add amazing shine to the tile surface. For cleaning the grimed bathroom tiles, spray the spirits and leave it for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes take a damp cloth or sponge and wipe the surface clearly. You’ll notice bright and sparkling tiles.


How to Clean the Grout Lines

Cleaning the tiles alone is really not enough to make your tiles shine especially the tile in the bathroom. Even you should consider cleaning the grout line to attain complete shine and glossiness of the bathroom. Use baking soda to remove the stubborn stains, this is the most effective and natural method which will easily remove stains on the grout lines. Use the toothbrush and apply the mixture on grout lines and scrub the paste. Finally, wash the grout lines with warm water. Alternatively mix equal parts of baking soda, warm water, and salt to clean the grout lines. Apart from cleaning on your own, try calling the professional tile cleaning once in a year to deep clean the tiles using heavy duty cleaning techniques.

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Different ways to clean Tiles and Grout ?

No matter wherever you go, which home you reside in or any office you work at, you will always see tiles placed on the walls. Almost all the bathrooms and kitchens are equipped with shiny tiles, maybe white or with a pattern. Tiles get dirty very easily and attract a lot of dirt. The white layer of grout is so prone to mud and dirt that almost every grout gets dull and damaged. Tiles play a key role in our kitchen and bathrooms, keeping them clean and dirt free but most of the times we forget to maintain our tiles and grout. Tile and grout cleaning is necessary. Wondering how to clean tiles and grout and tiles stain removal. Worry not because here is the ultimate guide for any kind of tile stains and grout stain removal.

Materials Required :
1. Hydrogen Peroxide
2. Baking soda ( for algae and mould)
3. A plain cloth
4. Nylon Bristle brush
5. Toothbrush
Follow these Steps To clean your tiles and grout:
Step 1:
For simple Tile and Grout Cleaning Services , Take a bucket and add 2 parts of hydrogen peroxide and 3 parts of water. You should apply this solution as fresh as possible. Use a cloth to rub this solution over tiles and grout and let them soak in.

Step 2: With a Nylon bristle brush, rub off the surface of tiles in a circular motion. Peroxide is perfect for grout stain removal or tile stain removal. Keep brush in circular motion, use a toothbrush for cleaning the grouts, brush it extensively and reach every edge of grout.

Step 3: After cleaning with the brush, leave the surface as it is. For algae and moulds, you can prepare a baking soda paste. Take a bowl and add some soda and water to make a paste. This paste should be used over algae patches and black moulds on tiles. Brush off any signs of algae, and clean the grouts in the same way with a toothbrush and repeat if necessary.

Step 4: When you are finished with Tile and grout stain removal through peroxide and soda you can pour water directly on the tiles and grouts. Keep pouring to wash away the solution and remaining dirt. Now use a cloth or a paper to wipe your tiles clean and dry. Get your tiles shining again. Cleaning tiles and grout is done now.

Professional Assistance:

Although this guide is simple and easy to follow, we all know that our daily lives don't give us much time to start cleaning the tiles and grout ourselves. Some of the people don't even want to do it themselves. That is why our company is providing you all with special Commercial Tile Cleaning Melbourne. The core cleaning team uses water jets and sanitizing products to help you achieve your goal. Keep your home environment clean and hygienic. Take the help of our professional tile and grout cleaners and get your tiles and grouts cleaned asap.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Don’t Make These Common Tile Regrouting Mistakes

Your tile regrouting is one of the important parts of maintaining bright tile by resealing and restoring the appearance of tile, mainly in bathrooms where a continuous flow of water usage will be done and also results in grout discolored and also allow water to sleep underneath leading to floor damage. 

In order to brighten the tiles, people mostly paint on the discolored grout. But painting is not waterproof for a long time, so the best thing you can do is re-grouting the tile. Suppose, re-grouting is not completed out properly then it may go worse. Most common tile re-grouting mistakes are as follows,

Unaligned Grouting:

  • Scattering the grout erratically between the tiles is one of the most common mistakes in regrouting which will lead form uneven structure flooring.
  • Unaligned grouting leads to the unpleasant appearance of the tiles.
  • Once Re-grout is being taken place then it is hard to remove or alter as it shrinks after dry.
  • In order to make an even grout, try to pack as much as possible of grout into joints and clean it all properly with a wet sponge.
Inaccurate Timing:

  • Make sure to maintain accurate timing in between grout setting and wiping of the tiles. Because wiping quickly can leads to groove. Talk more about this with your tile grouting professional.
  • Also, make sure that your waiting time should not exceed much because it may dry and leads to damage which cannot change.
  • If you did not maintain accurate time for drying, then grout may lead to uneven and dislocating from the joints.

Incomplete Mixing:

  • Grout should be mixed with a proper portion of water or else it may lead to mishandling of regrouting work.
  • If you make a mixture of more water, it may lead to watery grout which will not set properly.
  • Else if you make a mixture with less water, it may lead to powdery grout which will not be effective.
  • Also, incomplete mixing of grout leads to contradictory coloring when it becomes dry.
  • Measurement proportion should be followed according to the brands you choose.

Excessive Usage of Grout: 

  • Make sure that you should not use an excess of grout.
  • If you apply surplus grout without understanding, until the grout has set, it will take time to fix the area by wetting it repeatedly, scraping and chiseling the grout to set it down and to shape it.
  •  But it takes considerable time and effort to correct.


  • Old grout can be replaced by new grout.
  • Saves money in the short term, instead of a spending a lot of money on tiles and redoing everything.
  • Also helps in preventing water leakage between tiles and causing mold buildup.
  • Color can be added to change the entire look.


  • Re-grouting take enough time and it is a complicated process.
  • Most of the technicians or home owners don’t get it right their first time.
  • Re-grouting may or may not lead to bothering or messing.
  • Re-grouting may not last for long.   

Contact your tile grouting professional to know more!

Friday, 5 October 2018

Reasons Your Home Might Need Tile Regrouting Services

Tile cleaning should be done regularly and properly. But then have you noticed cracks, discoloration and crumbling on the tiles and floor? Then it is the time for you to do the tile cleaning services. Are you thinking why should we do tile regrouting service? 

If the tiles and grouts are left as such, then it would further damage the floor, so you will have to do tile regrouting service. Here are a few reasons why your home might need tile regrouting services.

Damaged grouts:

  • If the tiles and grouts are not installed properly and if it is installed by improper mixture, then it would cause damage to your tiles and grouts.
  • Sometimes even if the mixture used to install the tiles is not mixed properly, there are chances of getting damage to your tiles and grouts.
  • If the grouts are made up of sandy cement, then they may get damaged easily.
  • Nowadays the grouts are made up of polymers so that the tiles and grouts will not get damaged for so long.
  • Leaving lumps while preparing the mixture and improper mixture may easily damage the tiles and grouts. 

Excess water resting on the floor:

  • The presence of more water content that is stable may cause damage to the tiles and grouts.
  • If there are mildews, mold and dirt will also damage the tiles and grouts so soon.
  • Many times, while people are trying to take care of the tiles and grouts they may tend to damage the tiles and grouts.
  • If you have used an improper proportion of the mixture and use any harsh chemicals also the tiles and grouts get damaged.
  • Try not to clean the tiles and grouts yourselves, call the grout medic to do it for you are quite often.
  • The grout medic will help the tiles get rid of those cracks, dullness and discoloration caused. It will make your floor look beautiful and attractive.
  • If the water rests on the floor for a long time, it will definitely damage your floor.
  • While cleaning if you have used any harsh chemicals and harsh cleaning brushes, there are chances of damaging the tiles highly. 

Precautions to be taken:

  • If there are any damages or leakages in pipes, try to repair it as soon as possible.
  • Hence, it is better if you clean the grouts and tiles with the help of grout medic. That would prevent the tiles and grouts from temporary damage and hence maintaining it in a proper way.
  • Make sure you are not using any harsh chemicals to clean the tiles and grouts when you are cleaning it by yourselves for time being.
  • Know the proper tool used for cleaning and then start with your cleaning. Repair the water damages as soon as possible and clean the place every day to avoid mildews, dirt and molds.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Tile Cleaning For Improved Beauty

Tile cleaning isn't just a soap and water process of washing away a day of stain. It is the use of specialty solutions that remove grease, dirt, and stains while caring the tile and tone you installed.

Tile cleaning is a needed stage in building material maintenance. It is a main step that helps you to maintain the beauty of the product that you have purchased. Hence, it is important to understand what you can do between Professional Tile Cleaning and Polishing to restore both the grout and tile. You will be so pleased with how quickly the grout of your flooring, counters, and walls return to their original bright and even color. The rich color that is revealed on the actual tiles will return you to the feeling of first installation.

While tiles may beautify your house and add a touch of style, they can be difficult to maintain and keep clean. Tiles can take a while to clean, which is why it is good to have external help. Dirty tiles can make even the most stylish rooms look bad. If you cannot keep up with how frequently your kitchen, room, or office tiles need to cleaning, then hiring a professional service is the right thing to do.  The Marks Tile Grout Cleaning professional’s offers include a variety of affordable services. Here at our Tile and grout cleaning services offer convenience to all their clients. You just have to call them and then let them do their work. It is a good idea to call them in if you do not have the means or the energy to take up such tasks.

Our experts tile cleaners that have been in the business long enough have a better insight to your needs. They understand what approach will be better for you and only do what is most suited for your needs. They are more efficient than you will expect them to be, so hiring them for tile and grout cleaning is the right decision if you want a high-quality job done. Most Tile and Grout Cleaning companies present easy and reasonable packages. A general misconception is that hiring a cleaning service will cost you a lot of money. Instead, you will not have to invest in cleaning tools and materials if you hire Marks Tile Grout Cleaning professionals. This will control if not lower your actual cost. The quality of service and time-saving advantages is more important than the costs and it is overall a good decision.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Why Choose The Most Environmentally Friendly Method Of cleaning Your Tiles

  The average person uses countless chemicals that are harmful to health individually and mixing them with others enhances or increases their chemical reaction making them highly harmful to our airways and the surface of our skin. Knowing this, it is advisable to use more ecological cleaning methods, that is to say, to use more natural products such as hot water, vinegar, baking soda and even lemon juice that contains acids that facilitate Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne


Many people ignore these cleaning alternatives, they ignore the damage caused to the ozone layer caused by the use of these chemicals that evaporate and reach them, so there are different motivations worldwide to encourage the use of these organic products to clean our homes.

The campaigns for the use of organic cleaning products or the implementation of a more ecological cleaning are carried out by the different foundations and organizations that protect the environment at national and international level.

These organizations have been responsible for developing artisanal cleaning products for domestic use that ensure you have clean surfaces without harming the ozone layer, the seas or our health.

Many people consider that when a surface has a pleasant smell, it is already clean, which is totally false, even this can be considered one of the reasons why the average person is inclined to use chemicals that are abundant with these scented but harmful substances and not use a more environmentally friendly method.

Ecological methods are reliable, motivated by the fact that they do not possess highly chemical characteristics or have not undergone a major refining process that could alter the nature of our human biology. It is important to highlight Bathroom & Kitchen Tile & Grout Cleaning, such as vinegar, which is a product that will guarantee a safe cleaning on all surfaces.

Many people will wonder how to keep my home clean and pleasant if the ecological product that guarantees cleaning does not have a pleasant smell, this can be easily solved because it is not going to be applied an exorbitant amount of this product, but will be diluted with water avoiding the concentration of strong odor.

Tile surfaces are usually easy to keep hygienic, but in tiles that are light-colored they usually highlight grooves that are easily soiled and it is not easy to remove dirt because they are at another level of the tile, this problem can be easily solved by diluting a little baking soda and water in an atomizer, spraying it into the grooves of the tiles and removing it with an absorbent sponge, obtaining the expected result without much effort or the use of expensive equipment or high chemical compounds that damage the respiratory tract of our family and friends.

As you may have read in this article, there are many valid reasons why the use of environmentally friendly Tile-Cleaning products is much more feasible. The benefits range from less environmental pollution to good health for the user using the product, as well as cleaning effectiveness.

How to Clean the Grout and Tiles Effectively?

Everyone wants to have a clean house so as to give fresh look and positive feeling. Therefore, a clean house is only possible when you hav...